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My quest ended when I first read an SBI review. This is my story.

I was bored and looking for something to do that would occupy my time and give me some satisfaction. Also, it wouldn’t be bad if I made a few bucks at the same time. Being a computer geek it was only logical that I would do something with my computer, something that would provide me with some form of added income.

I really looked for over a year, but could not find anything that tickled my fancy. I looked in the papers, listened to the radio, studied the Internet, but I could not find anything of interest. Finally I received an advertisement in the mail about opening a retail store on the Internet. It sounded interesting, so I followed up on this add. I contacted these people and went to a few of their seminars. While their product was interesting their price was extraordinary, and did I really want to stock and ship merchandise? This was not one of the best home based job opportunities.

I’m a computer person both hardware and software, but I didn’t know the first thing about building a website. When I looked for the how to information from these Internet store people, it wasn’t there. I would be totally on my own.

Back to the drawing board, but this time I had an idea about what I would do. It would be some sort of a website. I was still thinking of a retail operation, but had no idea of what products to sell. I studied the Internet for hours at a time looking for products and ideas. I looked at watches and jewelry and I made a list of twenty items that I might sell on the website, but nothing sparked my interest. I looked at the advantages of drop shipping, but the margins were too thin.

At this point I ran into the concept of affiliate marketing. Not being involved with stocking and shipping merchandise sounded terrific. All I had to do was to write about something that I found interesting and all of the rewards would come my way. This affiliate legitimate home based business sounded perfect for me.

I began to read everything that I could find about affiliate marketing and the people that provide entry into this field. I read e-books and e-pamphlets, I watched videos, but I still needed help on how to build a website. This is when I found SBI. I searched their site devouring all of the information that I could find. I read the SBI free e-book The Affiliate Master Course (also known as the action guide), several times to make sure that I understood it. I watched the SBI video action guide a few times. I read the MAKE YOUR SITE SELL review and was hooked. I had found a product that would teach me how to build my website, and I didn't need to worry about looking for separate hosting, paying for a separate keyword research tool, handling site submissions, integrating autoresponders, etc., etc. See the full list of features here. I also found out that all of the Site Build It scam reviews I read were a complete lie.

Too many non-SBI! sites start without profits being "built into" the process from DAY 1. It all begins with the right process. Content redarrowrightTraffic redarrowrightPREsell redarrowrightMonetize is the underlying, logical and powerful process that capitalizes upon the fundamental realities of how people use the Web. C redarrowright T redarrowright P redarrowright M puts you on a solid, profitable business foundation.

I purchased one of the SBI websites in April, but it took me until September until I came up with a domain name. After signing up I started working with the action guide, following it diligently, one day at a time. I ran into a wall on day 2 and again on day 3, I couldn’t come up with a theme for my website. I made lists, I had my wife coming up with ideas, I asked my kids for ideas, and I asked anybody that I could talk to for ideas. I studied the results page on the SBI site for ideas. Nothing came to me, but slowly over a few months the idea of Build a Computer started to take shape in my mind.

Still following the action guide I started writing my home page, quickly followed by my first tier two page. Then on to several tier three pages. I was off and running and it was very satisfying. I wrote one to three pages a week and some weeks I wrote nothing, but I was always doing something for the website, reading, research, learning HTML. I began checking the stats on a daily basis, something I didn’t even think I needed.

Search Engine spider/listing/ranking reports let me see how my pages are being handled by the Search Engines. I can see what pages rank best and drive traffic. Each report's insights help me determine how to increase traffic and monetization. Most pros don't have easy and reliable access to this type of information.

Automatic site blogging turns my site into a blog easily. I enjoy all the benefits of a blog without needing extra skills or additional software. For anyone experienced with blogging, auto-pinging for the SBI! blog keeps my site on the Search Engines' radar. All of this helps attract more traffic.

Every month we have been in business the number of visitors has increased, impressively. Since January (before our first anniversary) the monetization had started earning an income, and each month it is growing at an ever increasing pace.


"Because my online business runs virtually on automatic pilot these days, I will have the freedom to travel to Japan this December to visit my daughter who is teaching high school there. Since my products are downloadable, maintaining my business and dealing with any customer service issues from Japan will be a simple matter of checking my e-mail accounts via the Net once a day.
Life just gets better each day."
~ Shaun Fawcett

"I exercised due caution and did some more research first. I asked a few people, I dug around on the internet, and no matter where I looked, I didn't hear a bad word. Everybody said the same thing, "If you build your site with SBI, you will definitely get traffic."
~ B. Bradtke

"I took my time with the brainstorming, eliminating several ideas. After working through the Action Guide, with several ideas, the idea of a juggling site became obvious. My favorite hobby, juggling, was a niche that I knew! And the e-com ideas kept coming, the e-books and other e-commerce ideas. I now sell so many different juggling products, and even have my two e-books ready to go soon."
~ Jim Nelson
JuggleNow.com, ParrotsNow.com

"SBIers just "get it." They are too busy building their web business to worry about "how it all happens" and are full of enthusiasm and ideas. It's contagious to watch everyone working and moving ahead."
~ Fiona McCardle/Jim Andrew
Rent a Villa in Tuscany

"I now have a business that I can grow over the years. A business that is fun. I'll never do a 9 to 5. I'll always own my own life. That, more than money, more than learning about the Web, more than anguilla-beaches, more than learning how to write well, that is the most important thing I've learned from SBI!. Own your own life. If you don't, what's the point?"
~ Nori Evoy

Nori started this site when she was 14 years old.

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