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It's important that you understand about us, and how and why we began this computer building project. I am a retired senior citizen, who got involved with computers early in my life.

I attended college and studied electrical engineering. After college I spent two years in the army working on specialized data communication equipment.

When I was discharged from the military I went to work in the automobile industry, designing and building the logic for customized automation equipment. This equipment was designed to automate the assembly line.

Following the auto industry, I went to work for a major computer manufacturer in an engineering capacity, working on data input and assorted peripheral devices. While I was working at this company, I met and married my lovely wife Deborah. That was in 1962. Since then we have 3 children and 8 grandchildren, ages 18 down to the baby who was born on Friday the 13th of 2010. They are located in Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Colorado. It's a pleasure when we get to see them, unfortunately, not often enough. But that's another story about us. 

Continuing the story about us, my career went on to a different computer manufacturer where I trained other engineers on the internal workings of our computers. This included both hardware and software.

Later I started my own company in the data communications field. We specialized in automated emergency data transmission using high speed telephone lines and ultra high frequency techniques. These transmission signals encompassed audio, video, and data. After guiding the company for over 15 years, I finally sold my interests.

My last endeavor as an engineer was a second company I started, again in the automated data communications field. But this time more involved with the end user. We provided a communications link to end users and businesses. I ran this company until I sold it and retired.

Retirement is interesting; you have plenty of time to do things, and nothing to do. After awhile I began looking for something I could sink my teeth into, something that was not too physical and allowed me to think and use my mind.

I decided the ideal thing was to create a website. I never did anything like this and didn't know how to go about it. I began by searching the web, and after a few years I found a source that would support my site building efforts. But, unfortunately it didn't work out. Continuing the search I finally found SBI. They gave me the tools to start the web building process. It started with the Affiliate Master Course, a free tutorial on the step by step process of website building. Following the Master Course, which I read a few times, as well as watching the video action guide; to make sure I understood it. I began the quest, starting my website.

The first thing to do is deciding on a theme or subject for the website. I spent a few months brainstorming ideas, in order to decide which theme I should write about. Obviously Building Computers, it has been my life, and it keeps me thinking.

Then came the naming of the website, it took a little research, but after awhile it also seemed obvious.

From then on it is just about us cranking out pages, one, two, or three, a week. Some weeks I don't write any, but, I always try to do something for the website.

If you would like to comment, or add any information to this page, please do so. Use the Contact Us form and we will respond as quickly as possible. If you would like to ask any questions, use the Questions and Answers form and an answer will be provided.

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