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Working with these computer shopping resources and having decided on which parts you will need in order to build your computer, the next step is to purchase them. You will need to use these computer shopping resources and go to a retail store or an online computer store to buy these parts. But, which one should you choose? Are you looking for convenience of the purchasing process, or are you looking for the best price, or are you looking for the broadest selection of merchandise? These are things that you have to consider.

If convenience is foremost, then a local retailer is the best for your computer shopping. But, this may not be the best price or the broadest selection of parts. If the price is the most important, use the computer shopping comparison websites, then shop around on the Internet, with its large number of vendors. If, on the other hand the broadest selection of parts is the most important, then the major online computer shopping outlets or multiple online suppliers are where you will want to go. Regardless of where you make your purchase, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the sale, the return policy, and the stores privacy policy.

Since we could not include every supplier when shopping for computer parts, this is an opportunity for you to add retailers that you like in your own area and to provide your own reviews of these computer stores. You can provide additional information on online computer shopping outlets. I've used the term retailers, but many of you purchase your parts at wholesalers and computer shows, let us know about them, also. This information will help others in making good selections when purchasing computers, related parts, and software. Outlined on the following pages are many of the excellent stores and websites that will give you a shopping advantage, as well as the best prices.

If you would like to comment, or add any information and reviews to this page, please do so. Use the Contact Us form and we will respond by updating the appropriate pages as quickly as possible. If you would like to ask any questions, use the Questions and Answers form and an answer will be provided.

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