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Links and portals allow us to share the wealth of the Internet with our readers. Here you will find the keys to a broad selection of links and portals for related websites with information that might be of interest to you. Enjoy them!

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Computer Tutorials, The Information That You Need
With these computer tutorials, you'll experience a smooth transition into the computer world. You can find the right information to learn exactly what you need.

Learning About Computers Online Tutorial - Explanations Made Easy Learning about computers explains hardware and other technologies in easy to understand terms.

Pooler-Georgia-HOMEPAGE Use this beautiful Website to find everything!.. Beginning in Pooler, Georgia: Local history, government, hotels, travel, real estate, news, jobs, religion, kidz zone, fine arts, dining, pets, technology & so much more!

Prank Ideas Central, where great practical jokes live
First Idea.
Second Idea.
This is a collection of prank ideas for all occasions. Featuring videos of prank wins and prank games. Learn some good pranks to play on your colleagues.

Remembering Keyboard Shortcuts
One man's tips and ideas for remembering computer keyboard shortcuts.

Reverse Lookup IP Address Finder - How To Find IP Addresses
Get your computer info on finding your IP address, trace an IP address, locate IP address or answers to what is my IP address for any location or country.

The Technical Touch-Computer, Software, Wireless, Technical, Hardware
This is my personal journey through the learning of computer basics, and then using my knowledge to service PC’s and train others.

For those seeking reciprocal links

Thanks for your interest in exchanging computer hardware links. If your website is related to computer building, or has other similar information (computer parts, assembly procedures, computer maintenance, repairs, accessories, training, and software... to name but a few), we will be glad to add your link to the page that is best suited to your website's theme. If you can't find a suitable page let us know, or the other option is an invitation to become a guest author and write one. Internet site links are not allowed on the home page. We will also accept links and portals to other informative websites with original, quality content, as long as it has a decent Page Rank.

Each Link Exchange request is carefully considered. In order to meet the standards of a quality link. For this links and portals page please review the following list of criteria:

  • Link to me first and let me know where you have placed my link.

  • Your link page must be indexed in Google.

  • There must not be a "nofollow" attribute on the page where my link is placed.

  • You must have less than 100 links on your link page.

  • Ensure that there is a link from your home page to the page where you placed my link.

  • Don't bury my link on some obscure page that will never be seen by visitors.

If links are exchanged, please don't change the page location where you place my link. If our bot can no longer find the link to our website, your link will be removed from this site. If you are still interested in a link exchange, please fill in your website information below.

First add our link to your website. You can just copy and paste the HTML code below into your links page:

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Build A Computer
Your source to all things for computer building; parts selection, shopping, training, assembly procedures, upgrading, troubleshooting, free books, a newsletter, maintenance, and more.

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