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It always puzzles me that when I go to a FAQ page, I never find the questions that I am interested in. Let alone the answer. So, I’ve put together this computer questions and answers section for you to ask any custom computer questions related to this build a computer website, and an answer will be provided by the website readers and me. This is more then a common computer questions page. You may wind up getting one answer or several answers; depending on how well the question engages the readers. This is an interesting way to acquire additional knowledge on a subject, and can give you the best information from many people. There are more than enough readers to provide a broad spectrum of computer backgrounds and experiences. Use this tool, it will give you a better understanding how others solve similar problems.

Attached to the bottom of this Q & A page is a form for you to ask your question. When the question is accepted it will appear on a linked page. On that linked page there will be a provision to answer or comment on the question, and the answer will appear on that same page. This will allow each question to have one or many answers all together on the same page.

I want to include here a grateful Thank You to all of the people who have given their input to this website. For their thoughtful suggestions, questions, and comments; given by using all of the forms on the website, including this one.

This is where you ask your Question!

While progressing through build a Computer website its very realistic to have questions about the process. This is your tool to get answers to those areas of concern. Take advantage of this opportunity, there are many friendly people out in the world looking for their chance to help.

Questions and Answers from other visitors

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computer not working 
when computer is switched "ON" nothing but blank screen in monitor. while key board light ni "ON". Pl. help resolve the problem. The first thing …

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