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The Table of Contents is formatted in alphabetical order, and has a link to every page in this website. By reviewing the TOC you will know what information will be of further assistance to you.

101 Computer Uses
This article of 101 computer uses will start you thinking about original ways to use your computer.

About Us
About us is a description of my computer background and how it allowed me to put together this website.

Accessories and Supplies
You can't even begin using the computer without some of these cool computer accessories!

Assembling your Computer
Assembling your computer gives you the step by step instructions to assemble your own computer and at the same time it explains each step in layman's terms.

The computer backup is necessary to assure your data is never lost and that it is protected from as many unforeseen events as possible.

The build a computer blog informs you of new products and updated information added to this website. Its purpose is to keep the you up to date.

Careers in Computer Technology
Careers in Computer Technology might be your introduction to a lifelong career in the computer industry. It is your first step in determining whether software or hardware is your desired career path.

CD Drive
Things you should consider in selecting the dvd drive and cd drive. How you can get the best bang for your buck.

Central Processing Unit
This will provide the tools necessary to select a central processing unit (CPU) that will satisfy your needs and budget.

Computer Cases
Information needed to select computer cases. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each style.

Computer Failure
This article illustrates how I resolved a computer failure on my machine. It could give you some pointers on how you might solve your computer problems.

Computer Stores
This information will teach you how to find a computer store, where you can purchase the parts you need to build and maintain computers.

Contact Us
The contact us form allows you to express your thoughts on building a computer and gives us the ability to assist you.

Disk Defrag
Helping you understand the need for the disk defrag utility, and how it will improve the efficiency and performance of your computer.

DVD Crive
Things you should consider in selecting the dvd drive and cd drive. How you can get the best bang for your buck.

These free e-books will provide information on building a website and earning an income from affiliate marketing.

External Hard Drive
The external hard drive allows you to backup your data, as well as store extensive amounts of assorted media, offline.

Flash Drives
This page will explain how flash drives work, and how to use them. Also, you will gain insight into selecting which flash drive will satisfy your needs and fit your budget.

Guest Author
This page is an invitation to you the visitor to be a guest author and write an article about any facet of computer building.

Hard Disk Drives
How you should select the proper hard drive for your computer and get the best performance while maximizing your dollars.

Hardware Engineers
Computer Hardware Professionals gives you the tools necessary to become an engineer or technician in the field of designing and building computers and their components, for the public.

How to Build a Computer
How to build a computer? Everything you wanted to know about computer building, and the satisfaction it will give you.

How you should select the correct computer keyboard to satisfy your needs, while at the same time staying within your budget.

Links and Portals
This page allows webmasters to join us in providing our visitors the opportunity to explore many related websites for additional information on the many facets of computers.

The computer maintenance tips outlined here will make sure that your computer will continue running fast and efficiently for a long time.

How you should select the appropriate computer memory for performance and price.

This will help you select the best computer microphone for your computer system while meeting your budget.

Microsoft Windows
The Microsoft Windows operating system is examined from a users point of view, showing some of its features and benefits.

What to look for in a computer monitor. Selecting the best features and and making sure you are getting the best price.

Understanding Motherboards and how they work; and the selection process that is necessary to satisfy your needs.

This information will help you select the best computer mouse (pointing device) for your needs and budget.

This is the subscription page for the newsletter Notes on Computer Building.

Online Computer Stores
This resource will lead you towards the perfect computer components online, priced within your budget.

Operating System
A brief overview of the operating system, and how important it is in making the users life easier.

Power Supplies
Choosing a computer power supply, knowing which one will provide for your needs.

Peripheral Devices
How you should choose peripheral devices to meet your needs and remain within your budget.

Price Comparison Websites
These selected websites will allow you to get the computer parts and supplies you want at the best prices.

This will teach you how to select a computer printer. You will choose from the different types of printers, with different features, selecting one that will meet your needs and budget.

Questions and Answers
This questions and answers page offers the readers the opportunity to query any issues that may arise while proceeding through this build a computer website.

RAID made easy
How to set up RAID will show you the steps needed to set up fault tolerant disk drives. This article will give you the reasons, requirements, and the tools necessary to do it yourself.

Repair my computer
This article contains the procedures by which you correct any problems on your computer by analyzing, troubleshooting, then going ahead and repairing the defective part or program.

Reviews of Computer Parts
This article on computer parts reviews will give you the information needed to select the proper computer components. It is based on the input from other visitors like yourself.

This article on why I chose SBI, outlines my decision making process when deciding to create a website.

This information will help you determine your need for a flatbed scanner and assist you in choosing one.

Shopping Resources
Computer shopping resources is the place to go to when you are looking for the widest variety of computer parts, at the best prices.

Solid State Drive (SSD)
The solid state disk drive is one of the newer storage devices. This article will introduce you to some of the many advantages of the SSD, and why you should add it to your computer.

The computer speaker along with the onboard audio circuitry allows for the conversion of digital information to audible sound. This discussion will allow you to select the speaker that satisfies your needs and will fit your budget.

Tech Support Center
While it can be advantageous to have a tech support center as a resource, be aware, it can also be a great source of frustration.

The First PC I Ever Built
This is my story, building my first PC. This article tells you what the experience was like and encourages you to do the same.

Computer tools are used to assemble your computer. They are also used to repair and maintain all the computers and peripherals that you have.

By using these troubleshooting tips you will be able to solve any of the computer problems that you encounter and take the proper corrective action.

Upgrade your Computer
When you upgrade your computer you are taking an older machine and bringing it up to contemporary standards.

With this information you will be able to select the correct webcam and find many uses for it.

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