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When you say "help me repair my computer" you are looking for a step by step process to solve your computer problems. This is where you begin; you must first analyze the problem. What is malfunctioning? What is causing your concern? Why do you need to proceed further? You must answer these questions accurately.

If you can not move the cursor with the mouse, the problem is with the mouse, or its connections to the computer, or the driver software. You have localized the failure. This is a straight forward problem that answers itself. If, on the other hand you turn the computer on and nothing happens, what do you do? Each of these problems is different and requires a different answer. This is called troubleshooting, and that's what you have to learn how to do. Once you have identified the problem, then you can go ahead and replace or repair the defective item. 

As you can see fixing a particular problem is a two step process. The first step is to identify the malfunctioning part by analyzing, testing, and examining the computer; while the second step is for you to repair or replace the defective part. 

You have some great tools at your disposal, your eyes, your reasoning, and the computer itself. Also you have your computer tool set and some excellent diagnostic software. 

You have to decide to what level you wish to make the repair. Do you want to replace a component on the motherboard (resistor, capacitor, or integrated circuit) or are you satisfied to replace the entire motherboard with a new one. Personally, I would rather replace the entire unit; it is cheaper in the long run and causes less aggravation. There are only a dozen or so major components on the computer and since you built it, you certainly should know how to replace them. If you’re not sure, each new component comes with instructions or you can download the instructions from the Internet. An interesting example is the article on how I resolved a computer failure.

Sometimes when you are troubleshooting in order to repair my computer you discover the problem is not with the hardware, but with the software. This requires that you make sure that all of the computer maintenance is up to date, in order to eliminate any viruses or malware that may be present. The second step is to assure all of your software is updated to the latest version. Finally you should employ some diagnostic software to find the faulty programs, and then correct them.

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