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The central processing unit (CPU) is the heart of the computer. When selecting the computer CPU you must consider its speed, the socket style, and the bus (FSB) speed, the number of processors on board, the power requirements, cache size, and owner reviews. Of course all of this must be weighed against the price. The throughput of the microprocessor is a function of CPU speed, the FSB speed, cache size, and the number of processors on board. Each of these items reflects on how much information is handled in a fixed period of time (throughput). The greater the throughput, the more you will have to pay. Also prices fall as newer CPU's replace older models.

The CPU speed is the internal speed of the CPU, measured in gigahertz (GHz).

The FSB speed is the maximum speed that the CPU can communicate with the front side bus on the motherboard. If the FSB speed on the motherboard is slower than the CPU, the data will be transferred at the slower speed. This becomes an important consideration.

The cache size controls how much information is queued before entering the processor. If it is not large enough, it slows the throughput.

The number of processors on board increases the amount of throughput. The greater the number of ditch diggers, the quicker the ditch gets dug.

Owner reviews is important because it lets you know what other people think of the computer processor. It also tells you how they use it and if they had any problems with it.

Power requirements tell you if you have need for a larger power supply for your system. It does not affect the throughput of the CPU.

Socket style is important when installing CPU correctly, but it does not affect the throughput. It does mean however that you must get a motherboard that is compatible.

After evaluating which CPU fits your budget and has the features you want, make your selection at your favorite online computer parts storeicon.

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