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The most common size personal computer cases are the mini tower, the mid-sized tower, the full-sized tower, the desktop, and the slimline desktop. Most of the others are for special applications. Keep in mind that the larger the computer housing the greater the air circulation the better the cooling. In the tower series there is room for different size power supplies, more flexibility in the number of drive bays, the ability to cool properly, and the room for a larger motherboard with more expansion slots. Nowadays computer chassis come not only in black and white, but, in a rainbow of colors. Construction is of steel, aluminum, acrylic plastic, and wood, etc.

The mini tower excludes the largest of power supplies, only has three or four drive bays, and can have no more than three expansion slots on the motherboard. This is a great size for end users and small businesses.

The mid-sized tower has plenty of expandability for businesses, end-users, and advanced users. This case is an excellent choice for all users. Today, this is one of the most popular computer cases.

The full-sized tower, having many drive bays, is ideal for gamers and as a server, because of its size and upgradability. Keep in mind, the bigger the computer enclosure, the greater the cost.

The desktop is similar to the mini tower in capacity, but has poor upgradeability. If you're looking to place it on the floor or upgrade it in the future go with one of the towers.

The slimline desktop has less capacity then the desktop and therefore does not lend itself to end-users or small businesses. It is ideal for a large business with many slimline desktops attached to a server. This is great when considering security.

With your new found understanding of different kinds of cases, take a look at this selection of products icon. Decide which ones would be used for the home user, business users, or servers. Also see which ones would satisfy your needs and budget. This self evaluation will give you a broader understanding of what is a good computer case.

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