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For the broadest selection of computer components online, try this list of computer parts websites. They service the entire country, and some have branches overseas. Some of the others will ship overseas. Usually payment is by credit card or PayPal, but, talk to them if you are looking for some other financial arrangement.

  1. Tiger Direct carries the world's largest selection of computer components online, making them the reseller of choice for the "Build-It-Yourselfer." This is what they say on their website. It's up to you to evaluate this statement, but I've always been able to find whatever parts I needed, no matter how obscure. Additionally you'll find a great many emerging technologies. Tiger Direct is known for its excellent prices and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Systemax Inc. This is important because Systemax owns several retail computer chains.

    WEBSITE    www.tigerdirect.com

    TELEPHONE NUMBER     1-800-800-8300

    This is my main source of computer components online. I find them to be very knowledgeable and informative about the products and helpful in making parts selections. In addition to their website they produce and distribute a parts catalog that is a wealth of good information. When it comes to returns they are very professional. Whatever the reason, I find they have some of the lowest-possible prices.

  2. Newegg is a leading e-commerce company committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web by offering you an unsurpassed shopping experience, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service. This is what they say on their website. Check it out. They have an extensive inventory of the best online computer parts and try to constantly improve their operation.

    WEBSITE    www.newegg.com

    TELEPHONE NUMBER     1-800-390-1119

    This is one of the online computer stores where I have shopped and have found them to be quite good and I am very satisfied with their overall performance. They have some excellent prices on selected items. They do not take orders over the phone; therefore you cannot discuss the pros and cons of various products in order to help make your selection. This is my second choice for computer components online.

  3. Directron has a few retail stores in Texas, but, they maintain an impressive presence on the Internet. According to their website they have a large selection of computer parts and rank themselves along with the other major online computer retailers. There are many times when you will find their pricing to be very attractive. This is an interesting place to shop.

    WEBSITE    www.directron.com

    TELEPHONE NUMBER     1-713-773-3636

    I have not had the opportunity to shop at this computer store, so I cannot offer a review. Although on their website there are many very good reviews and some bad. You may find this interesting reading. Also it will help you make a decision as to whether you should use them as an online computer parts source. Should you feel so inclined, it would be appreciated if you would write a review for this column?

  4. Circuit City can trace its history back to 1949, when it opened its first consumer electronics store. At its peak it had grown to a chain of several hundred stores, before running into financial difficulties. In 2008 and 2009 all of the remaining stores were sold and in November 2008 circuit City filed for bankruptcy. In May of 2009 Systemax, Inc. bought the assets of Circuit City and started to rehabilitate the remnants of its online operation. Following the example of its other online operations, Systemax has created a new Circuit City online, which should provide an excellent computer parts resource.

    WEBSITE    www.circuitcity.com

    TELEPHONE NUMBER     1-800-THE-CITY (1-800-843-2489)

    At one time I would use local Circuit City stores extensively with good results, but recently I have no experience with this online computer store. If you have worked with these new people, please provide us with your thoughts and write a review.

Some of the online and local retail stores publish a daily or weekly flier promoting their online computer sales and the products that they are discounting. You’ll never know when you’ll run into that piece of hardware that you’ve been searching for. Subscribe to these, they are chock full of valuable information, and some really good prices. This is done by providing your e-mail address. I try to subscribe to everything I can; it’s a wealth of good information. You will find this is great opportunity to purchase computer parts cheap.

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