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The computer mouse is one of the devices that make the computer so easy to use. It allows you to input data by just moving your hand and pointing to items on the monitor. There are different types of mice available. It is up to you to choose the one that satisfies your requirements, and fits your budget. While most mice are designed for right-handed people, there are many that are ambidextrous. Also, there are some mice designed specifically for left-handed people.

The ball mouse uses a ball that rolls on a surface, inputting data that moves the cursor on the monitor. It is one of the earliest styles of mice.

Newer technology is used in the optical mouse, which uses an LED and a photocell to detect mouse movement on a surface, thereby moving the cursor on the screen.

Most recently there is the laser mouse. This mouse uses similar technology to the LED mouse, but, replaces the LED with a laser. This allows greater resolution and more accurate movement of the cursor. This type of mouse lends itself to graphics and art, which requires greater accuracy.

The trackball or track ball mouse reduces hand movement and requires using only the thumb and finger. It is best used for drawing because of its accuracy.

The USB and PS/2 ports are the two most common interfaces for the modern computer mouse. Most desktop computers provide both ports, but older motherboards may require you to go with the PS/2 port. You will find most laptop computers do not have a PS/2 port. This requires a mouse equipped with a USB connector. One of the benefits of the USB port is hot swapping, this allows you to plug or unplug a mouse when the computer is running.

The availability of the wireless mouse adds an extra dimension to its use. This allows you to work, while not being physically attached to the computer. The two types of wireless mice are RF and Bluetooth. The advantage of Bluetooth is longer range and greater protection from interference.

The computer mouse controls usually are the two buttons and a wheel for scrolling. Some mice have one button (Macintosh), while others have four or five buttons, some of which are programmable. In addition some of the wheels are capable of tilting sideways for lateral scrolling.

Additionally, for some applications you might consider an alternative mouse. One that meets the needs of your special situation. The computer game joystick is one such device. It is used for computer gaming, and it might be in the shape of an automobile steering wheel, or an aircraft yoke. Another such device is the rugged mouse, one that is built to work in very harsh environments, where dust, dirt, and moisture can be present. You can check out some of these pointing devices at Stealth.com, Inc.
Can you name any other company that offers computer parts for harsh environments?

After evaluating this material go to your favorite online computer parts store and check out the mice iconthat are available. Think about which one will satisfy your needs and fit into your budget.

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