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Cool computer accessories are those items that are not major components of the computer, but you should have them in order to use the computer effectively. This is a discussion of some of them; cabling and harnesses, Bluetooth and wireless items, computer room accessories, computer travel accessories, computer gaming accessories, handicapped computer accessories, lap top computer accessories, Mac computer accessories, and more. The latest computer accessories can be found at the suppliers listed in this article.

Cabling and Harnesses

When you set up your workspace and position each of the computer components, sometimes you find that the connecting cables are not long enough, or maybe too long. This is where you have to get cables of a specific length. Perhaps you are looking to make your computer area neat; you can make use of cable tie-wraps or other cable harnesses to create an uncluttered working environment. Sources for these items are the computer shopping resources, as well as Cable-Safe, which specializes in cabling and harnesses for workstations.

Bluetooth and Wireless

The advantage of these items is in you not being physically connected to your computer. In other words, you can walk around while using the PC. Many people find this to be advantageous and make working on the computer easier. The wireless microphone, headset, keyboard, mouse, and printer, are examples this technology. Additionally wireless technology is now used in routers and hubs, allowing for the wireless networks for homes and small businesses without the need to run expensive wiring. These items can be acquired at our usual computer shopping resources.

Computer Room Accessories

These are the furniture and fixtures you use in your office/workspace. The computer desk, the chair, the lighting, the mouse pad, and similar furnishings, are examples of these accessories. Your local or online office supply store is a good source for these types of products, also retailers that specializes in office furniture. 

Computer Travel Accessories

These are the items that you need for traveling. Special bags and suitcases for carrying the computer and all of its associated components that are needed while traveling. Also included are the headphones and privacy screens that you use on an airplane, or train, or any public transportation. These cool computer accessories can be found at the computer shopping resources, also check out targus.com for travel accessories.

Computer Gaming Accessories

Items in this category are gaming keyboards, gaming pointing devices (special mice, trackballs, joysticks, controllers, steering wheels, aircraft controls, etc.), and even score cards. Our usual computer shopping resources can satisfy these needs. Also a retailer that specializes in unusual computer items is Xoxide.com, which has an extensive selection of gaming accessories.

Handicapped Computer Accessories

These are items for people with physical disabilities. If you need a brail display, or a left-handed keyboard an excellent source of information is (www.makoa.org/computers.htm). They also can lead you to some specialized suppliers for these items.

Lap Top Computer Accessories

These are the accessories that you use exclusively for your notebook or netbook. Here again, our computer shopping resources can lead you to a great selection of computer accessories.

Mac Computer Accessories

These are items that are specially designed and built for the Mac, and they will assist you when using one. Sources for these cool computer accessories are the retail computer stores, the online computer stores, and the office supply outlets (both brick and mortar, and online). Additionally some of these items can be acquired from the Apple Store, Mac Mall, and Mac Connection.

Computer Supplies

These are the consumable items, the items that when once used must then be replaced. An example of these is; pens and pencils, printer paper and writing paper, ink, printer ribbons, toner, blank CD’s and DVD’s, cleaning supplies, and many other items. Sources for these Cool Computer Accessories and Supplies are our computer shopping resources as well as the office supply chains (Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot), and any other office supply outlet that can be located in your area.

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