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Microsoft Windows is the flagship operating system of the Microsoft Corporation. It was first introduced to the public in November 1985, and has been available continuously since then. Every few years it is updated with a new version, with security patches and fixes being added in between, as Service Packs. The current version is Windows Vista, which has been around since January 2007. The popularity of this product has not been as robust as anticipated by Microsoft. Many users have stayed with an earlier version of the operating system, Windows XP. As of January 2009 the Windows XP version of the operating system still is the most popular. Scheduled for release in the 3rd quarter of 2009 is the new version, Windows 7.

The Microsoft Windows family of operating system has been tied to the Intel, and the AMD microprocessor. As these CPUs have grown in capability, Windows has had to increase its performance. This also is a reason for the newer versions.

These operating systems come in several editions. First is the home edition, which is designed for the home user, and gamers. Also there is a business edition, which is more robust and is for business usage. There are several editions in between, each having an increasing numbers of features. When acquiring Windows, make sure you are aware of the features of each edition. So you can secure the proper edition for your needs. The new operating system, Windows 7 is scheduled to have six editions.

A good source of information about this operating system is the Microsoft Windows website. It is full of valuable content about all of the current versions and editions of this product. Also, the website has interesting features and add-ons to download to your operating system. If you are looking to purchase any of the Windows products, you will get better pricing at one of the online computer stores. Another interesting source for information is the Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

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